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    If your child enjoys playing soccer and wants to develop his or her skills to their fullest potential, we can help. If they are new to soccer, we can introduce them to the game and help them become the best player they can be, while still keeping a focus on their enjoyment of the game.


    We are a family-oriented soccer club on the Peninsula focused on teaching children soccer, team work, and sportsmanship.

    Soccer is a GAME, it's supposed to be fun.  We understand that, but we also understand that in order for it to be fun, players must learn to succeed at it.  We have programs for children, teens and adults of all skill levels that can help them enjoy the game AND improve their play.

    We offer:

    Summer Camps with the Most Trophied Team in World History!

    VIP United FC have partnered with Glasgow Rangers FC to provide our players with a summer camp.

    This camp will not only provide excellent training by Premier league staff but will form an ID program for possible Premier League Entry for our players. 

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