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Goal Safety

VIP United F.C. implements the Goal Safety Policy to educate and instruct anyone involved with soccer goals of the potential dangers posed by soccer goals and ways to ensure safe operations around goals. The use of the term "goals" in this document refers to metal framed soccer goals, typically with dimensions ranging from 6 x 18 yards to 8 x 24 yards. Such goals may be anchored in place in the ground or they may be movable. This policy excludes small "pop up" goals like PUGG goals (usually 4 to 6 feet wide flexible frame goals).
Notice to Parents, Players, Coaches and Spectators
One of our primary objectives is that children have safe recreation areas. To that end, soccer goals should remain securely anchored to the ground and nets firmly attached to the goals.
In an effort to keep the goals and nets secure and children safe, you are required to advise your children/soccer players and any other person accompanying you for whom you are responsible that the following is strictly prohibited:moving any soccer goals and any use of a soccer goal that is inconsistent with soccer-related activity, including without limitation, playing, climbing, or hanging on any part of the soccer goal. This especially applies to children climbing on or hanging from nets or goal frames.
See Something, Say Something
According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, these activities can result in serious injury, including death. If you observe any child inappropriately using a soccer goal or net, immediately and politely ask the child to stop. If the activity continues, please notify a coach or referee as soon as possible. Players violating this rule may be forced to sit out, at the coach's discretion. Finally, if you see any soccer goal that is not anchored down or otherwise secure, please contact the VIP United as soon as possible and let them know.
Movement of Soccer Goals
Goal Movement
VIP United players shall not move soccer goals. All goals used by VIP United shall be anchored or secured in some fashion so that they are less susceptible to tipping over. If goals are not properly anchored please contact VIP United immediately and under no circumstances should that goal be used until secured.
Goal Storage – Permitted School Grounds & City Parks
VIP United owned goals on school grounds or city parks property are to follow the goal storage guidelines below. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports most accidents occurred when the goal was unattended. When goals are not being used, VIP United staff shall remove and VIP United owned goals at the end of each recreation season for storage and take appropriate steps to secure goals such as:
  • Placing the goal frames face to face and securing them at each goal post with a lock and chain
  • Locking and chaining to a suitable fixed structure such as a permanent fence
  • Locking unused portable goals in a secure storage room after each use
  • Fully disassembling the goals for seasonal storage
  • Removing the nets
  • Inspect goals and nets prior to storage for damage or needed replacement.
  • Maintain safety warning labels on goal posts and crossbar.
Conclusion & Safety Tips
From the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC):
  • Securely anchor or counterweight movable soccer goals at ALL times.
  • Anchor or chain one goal to another,to itself in a folded down position,or to nearby fence posts, or any other similar sturdy fixture when not in use. If this is not practical, store movable soccer goals in a place where children cannot have access to them.
  • Remove nets when goals are not in use.
  • Check for structural integrity and proper connecting hardware before every use. Replace damaged or missing parts or fasteners immediately.
  • NEVER allow anyone to climb on the net or goal framework.
  • Ensure safety/warning labels are clearly visible (placed under the crossbar and on the sides of the down-posts at eye level).
  • Fully disassemble goals for seasonal storage.
  • Always exercise extreme caution when moving goals and allow adequate manpower to move goals of varied sizes and weights. Movable soccer goals shall only be moved by authorized and trained personnel.