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Recreational Program

Our Recreational Program is overseen by Vicki Signorelli, the 2019 VYSA Recreation Coach of the Year.

Recreational players are generally new to the sport and the games are typically focused on fun and getting maximum touches on the ball.

VIP will be fielding 3 levels within our recreational program, with your child's placement determined primarily by age and to a lesser extent, existing skill level. Regardless of level, all focus on Family, Fun, and Fundamentals. Technique and tactics are introduced and increased as players age up, and skills increase. The three levels are:


The single most important part of a soccer players technique is the first touch. The professional players who we all look up to -- Messi, Ronaldo, Rooney, Lampard -- they all have a magnificent first touch. But what is this mystical "First Touch"?


It is best described as the ability to control the ball quickly and redirect it for our next purpose, whether that be a pass, a dribble or a shot on goal.


Now of course we do not expect very young players to be able to produce the perfect "First Touch" but with our training we will endeavor to set them on the right path. Training sessions are designed to be fun. Because if your child is not having fun they will not love the sport. If they don't love it, they won't want to play.


The First Touch is just the first step in a long journey, but probably the most important one.


This group will train twice a week with the focus on Fun and the beginning of fundamentals. 



As important as our First Touch program is for our youngest players, it is very necessary for those basic skills to be honed for the future. This program is a continued learning program: "Fun"damentals are a priority but we also start adding technique and tactics.


VIP will continue to promote the technical benefits of the game and by making our players more skillful, we will promote more fun.


This group will train twice per week and will have inter-squad matches during the weekly session



Futures players are being groomed to move into VIP's Travel Soccer Program, who participate in advanced travel leagues in the area as they grow older. Therefore, fundamentals and proper technique are constant, with a greater emphasis on game tactics and teamwork.


This group will train 2 times a week and will have inter-squad matches during the weekly session


Click Here to sign up for the Developmental Program.

If you wish to volunteer as a Coach or Team Parent please click here.



VIP United is excited to be able to offer a different option for our Developmental/Futures programs. VIP has teamed up with US Club soccer to have a place to play our more advanced players during the year.


All Developmental and Futures players will register online at the cost of $85.00. After observation by coaches and VIPs Technical Director and Director of Coaching, offers to players to play in a higher level of soccer may be made to travel soccer with a cost of $300.00. The difference of $215.00 can be made in payments.


Those not chosen will be observed during the season and have a chance to move up. Recommendations to move a player will come from the coaches of that age group, plus there are opportunity's to "guest" play during the season.

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